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Corporate Claims Management was founded in 1992 to provide the risk management community with custom-tailored, high-quality claims administration services and risk management information systems designed to the unique specifications of each of our clients.  Just as no two claims are alike, we understand that no two claims management programs are alike.  Corporate Claims Management takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs and goals to provide a custom tailored approach to the delivery of the systems and services we provide.

Workers' Compensation Third Party Claims Administration

Property/Casualty Third Party Claims Administration

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Corporate Claims Management believes that each workers' compensation claim assignment presents a unique opportunity to control costs as well as assure the injured worker that the state-mandated benefits are provided promptly and accurately. To that end, we commit that each and every claim file assignment will receive immediate attention and action, in strict compliance with the state specific regulations governing such injuries. As detailed in our Claim File Expectations, our adjusting staff has the responsibility to guarantee three-point contact within the first 24 hour period. This requirement can only be satisfied by telephone or in-person contact. These Claim File Expectations require that all workers' compensation claims involving the potential for compensable lost time contain a recorded statement of the facts of the accident and injury from the injured worker, as well as the worker's supervisor and any witnesses that might have knowledge of the occurrence giving rise to the claim. In no instance, however, will our self-imposed "statement requirement" jeopardize an employee's right to timely benefit payments.

This commitment to thorough and timely attention continues throughout the course of the claim, to include utilization of preferred provider networks, medical case management, disability management and other experts that might be necessary to assure a quick and safe return to work for the injured employee and assure our clients that they're only paying for the benefits that they legally are required to pay - at the lowest cost possible.

Corporate Claims Management is also firmly committed to helping our clients effectively manage litigation costs. We believe that it is our responsibility to assure our clients that they're only paying for legal services that are truly required. As such, our Litigation Management section of our Claim File Expectations contain specific guidelines for our adjusters to utilize to assure control over this most costly area.

For a look at our Claim File Expectations, Click here.

Corporate Claims Management provides property/casualty claims administration services for a large variety of clients. From retail and hospitality to large truck fleet and complicated public entity liability exposures, Corporate Claims Management strives to make sure that each claim assignment receives the immediate and ongoing, thorough investigation that it deserves. The basis of our claims product is detailed in our Claim File Expectations. This 17 page document contains our guiding principles - those characteristics of what we consider to be the well-handled claim file.

From the time of initial assignment, Corporate Claims Management understands that we have only a finite amount of time in which to complete our investigation before important details are lost, forgotten or affected by outside influences. For that reason, Corporate Claims Management's Claim File Expectations dictate immediate contact - with all parties to the loss - within 24 hours of the assignment. For all claims, we endeavor to have the critical elements of the investigation completed within 14 days of the assignment. The Claim File Expectations dictate that any claim file with a bodily injury exposure contain a recorded statement of any potential claimant - to permanently rule-out injury even if none is being pursued. Also contained in the Claim File Expectations are guidelines to help our staff control and limit the severity of property damage claims, guidelines to control the costs of litigation, the utilization of engineers, reconstructionists, and other experts, the pursuit of contribution against other responsible parties where applicable, and other important claims management functions.

For a closer look at our Claim File Expectations, Click here.

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