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Founded in 1992 to provide custom-tailored programs designed to help our clients achieve the lowest claims costs possible, Corporate Claims Management, Inc. has become one of the insurance industry's leading providers of high-quality property/casualty and workers' compensation third party claims administration services. Corporate Claims Management has structured and managed successful claims administration programs for a wide variety of clientele - transportation, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, public entities, public utilities, education, retail and more.

Corporate Claims Management understands that every client's needs are as diverse as the industries they represent. As such, we believe that each program must be structured to meet the client's needs - not ours - if it is to successfully address the varied exposures unique to each individual risk.

Just as no two clients are identical, Corporate Claims Management believes that no two claims administration programs can be identical. We understand that the risk information needs of one client won't necessarily meet the needs of another. We understand that the loss funding mechanisms that work well for one, won't necessarily be ideal for the next. The basis of our claims product - our Claim File Expectations - leave much room for input and interaction by the client on how our final claims product will be structured to help control run-away claims costs.

Go to our FINANCIAL RESULTS section for examples of independently produced, statistical summaries of how our methods have helped other clients drive down the cost of their claims.

Go to our TECHNOLOGY section for information about our Risk Management information System products.

Go to our CLAIM FILE EXPECTATIONS section for a detailed look at the systems and procedures that CCMI utilizes to help our clients identify, investigate, evaluate and resolve their claim exposures.

Go to our CLIENTS section to see a partial listing of our clients and what they have to say about us.

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